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Amy Stoltz, Fort Lee

Had a great time listening to your band at the Community Center. You guys rock. Do you ever tour with big name bands? I would go to any show you were playing at. Good luck to you....

Louis Cappola, Fort Lee

What an outstanding band you guys are. You sounded awesome last night and can't wait to see you again.

Chris T, Ringwood

Saw you guys last night and you guys rock!!!

Tom Parson, New Milford, NJ

Kicked ass at Lenora's!!! One of the best bands in the area.......

Jill Miller, Rivervale, NJ

What a tight band you guys are. Cant wait to see you again....

Tony J, Little Falls

WOW! Saw you guys last night at the Russian Hall. What a great band. Loved it!!!

Michael, Hillsdale, NJ

Wow! Saw you guys at the Doghouse Saloon. Very impressed. Band sounded great. Very tight and a great array of songs.

Crystal, Fort Lee

Amazing show @ Fort Lee Art festival. Great musicians

Collette Blanchard, Portland, Oregon

Keep On Rocking!

Paul Daher, Andover, NJ

You guys sound awesome on YouTube! I'll have to check you out live one night! Peace! Hi Lennie!!!

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